Kilopower first step to safe and power nuclear fission for space and other applications

Dr. David Poston, Los Alamos National Laboratory talks about the simple and safe NASA Kilopower Project.

KRUSTY showed that developing a small reactor is not inherently expensive.
– A new reactor concept was designed, fabricated and tested for less than $20M.
* KRUSTY demonstrated a space reactor concept that can be used for near-term space science and exploration.

KRUSTY/Kilopower is the first step towards truly astounding space fission capabilities.

The early stage system can reach 10,000 watts and weigh 1500 kilograms. This is almost 7 watts per kilogram.

They are working on a 2 Megawatt electrical power heat pipe nuclear reactor that would weigh 35-45 tons.

2 megawatt heatpipe reactor