High bandwidth mobile satellite internet for ships, trains, cars now

Kymeta is delivering the only commercially-available, flat-panel, electronically-steered satellite terminal. The technology is lighter weight and uses far less power than other technological alternatives.

The Terminals can weigh 21 kilograms which is about one-third of the weight of alternatives.

In the future (perhaps a few years) this technology could enable low-cost reception from the future networks of thousands of low earth orbit satellites.

Kymeta—the launched new products the mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT, which bring reliable communications to a broad range of markets.

The core technology is based upon liquid crystal displays. The flat panels for satellite reception can be built on LCD television production lines. They do not need TV components which make up two-thirds of the cost. Instead of being built for visible light it is optimized for microwaves.

mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT work with Kymeta KyWay™ outdoor units (ODUs) to deliver performance amplification and coverage extension. The mTenna PLUS increases throughput by combining the receive connection of two to four ODUs, delivering up to 5.4dB of effective RX gain and signal-to-noise improvement for four coplanar antennas. Once combined, the signal is passed to a standard modem through an L-band interface.

It was only March 2017 when he first Kymeta mTennau7 antenna subsystem module (ASM) and KyWay™ terminal products had limited commercial launch.

In non-coplanar installations, the mTenna SELECT switches ODUs to transmit data from the most optimally positioned unit, switching as the vessel or vehicle turns or changes direction. “By aggregating up to four ODUs, mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT offer a scalable solution for additional RX gain, ensuring reliable internet access at high speeds or on rough seas or terrain,” said David Fotheringham, Product Manager, Kymeta.

mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT also provide a new solution to solve a common problem in sophisticated installation environments, where internet access can be impacted by blocked look angles, high-speed motion, and other unpredictable conditions. Together, mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT can provide flexible, scalable, and adaptable satellite connectivity for a broad range of applications, both fixed and mobile. “Currently, you’d have to use multiple gimballed dishes to achieve 360° look angles with horizon-to-horizon coverage to prevent blind spots. mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT allow us to solve the same problems with a more streamlined and elegant solution,” said Fotheringham.

Basics of holographic beam forming and reception

Kymeta delivered satellite internet for trucks in Puerto Rico

Three Kymeta-enabled vehicles joined a disaster relief caravan that crisscrossed the island of Puerto Rico from October through December 2017*. The vehicles were equipped with Kymeta KyWay™ flat panel, beam-forming, electronically-steered satellite terminals. Despite the lack of any electrical power or cellular service, the low power-consuming terminals provided internet access using the vehicles to power the communications system.

Liberty Puerto Rico Wi-Fi Tour delivered 22,266 internet sessions and 813.44GB of data usage. This internet access supported relief efforts in 33 communities, supporting public safety staff and helping residents access much-needed funds from pop-up ATMs, fill prescriptions, and file 2,504 FEMA applications

No Domes for Satellite on Yachts and cruise ships

In Spring, 2017, Kymeta quietly installed their KyWay terminals aboard the iconic superyachts Maltese Falcon and White Rose of Drachs. Yachts are a major market for the various Kymeta flat antennas.

Competing satellite reception products are multi-dome VSAT which require difficult installation and are far larger and heavier.

Kymeta’s flat panel technology can be recessed into the superstructure of super yachts making the antennas invisible, thereby removing the unsightly domes currently required for satellite communications. Kymeta’s flat panels also enable significantly higher Internet connection speeds and IP-delivered entertainment content. The flat panels are also designed for next generation satellites whether geostationary or MEO/LEO satellites. Kymeta is already working with the world’s leading yacht designers, builders and management companies on new builds and retrofits.