SpaceX BFS now has three wings-legs with landing pads

The top of the SpaceX BFR is the BFS (Big Falcon Spaceship) has three mini-wings with landing pads. It also has 7 Raptor engines. Two of wing-legs actuate.

The major design decisions should now be complete. Elon Musk says hopper flights will be next year. High altitude and high-velocity flights will be 2020. Booster tests will be in 2020. First orbital flights could be in two to three years. There will be many test flights before putting people. They will try to put an unmanned lunar orbit flight first before putting a person on board.

The BFS will use its entire body to break and will then use the mini-wing fins to land vertically. The landing will look epic.

If you are landing on the moon then you just need thrusters.

SpaceX BFR is being built now. They have built the first cylinder section.

They are building the dome and engine section soon.

Raptor is a 200-ton engine. Aiming for 300-atmosphere chamber pressure. ISP above 380. Stage combustion, full flow, gas-gas engine.

They will do a lot of test launches before putting anyone on-board.

Launching the satellites and servicing the space station is helping to fund the BFR.

Any customers for BFR are very helpful for funding the rocket.

Yusaku Maezawa is the first customer.
He said “I choose to go to the moon”.

He was a skate boarder in Santa Monica.
He was a musician.

He started his company twenty years ago.
He started a private fashion label Zozo.

Why did he purchase all of the seats on the BFR?
Why did he want to go to the moon?
He wanted to give back to the world and contribute to world peace.

Ever since he was a kid, he was inspired by the moon.
He chooses to go to the moon with artists.

He will invite artists to go to the moon with him.

The amount of money that Yusaku has deposited and will pay for the mission will make a material difference to the BFR development budget.

Elon Musk calls Yusaku very brave and he is the real deal.

He has a website

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