Elon’s vision is regular flights to the moon that regular people could afford

SpaceX is currently spending 5% of its resources on the BFR development. This will change and increase over time.

Dragon 2 is scheduled for an uncrewed launch in December.
The crewed flight is targeted for the second quarter of 2019.

SpaceX will develop closed-loop oxygen CO2 and closed-loop water for the Mars missions.

The shorter moon missions will be able to leverage the crewed Dragon and Space station missions.

Assuming the crewed mission is successful and goes well, then the new engineering and development would swing to BFR around the end of 2019.

Elon Musk is expecting to spend $5 billion to develop the BFR. This is large for SpaceX but small for a project of this nature. It will not be more than $10 billion and will not be less than $2 billion.

Elon said “There should be a base on the moon”. There should be one there and we should go there a lot. The vision would be that it could be so inexpensive that regular people could save up and make a trip to the moon.

Elon’s vision is regular flights to moon that regular people could afford.

They want the BFR to land anywhere in the solar system.

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