Boring Company to have $16B value after Chicago Airport tunnel completes

Boring Company will show a two-mile tunnel in LA in December and has started work on an 18 mile tunnel in Chicago from downtown to the airport. Successfully completing the airport tunnel will make the tunneling company worth as much as $16 billion. This valuation will be before any full speed hyperloop implementation.

In June 2018, Boring Company was selected as the contractor for a high-speed downtown-O’Hare transport line. A Berenberg analyst has stated that the Boring Co. could be worth as much as $16 billion if it completes the project.

The $16 billion estimate for the Boring Company’s potential valuation was taken from the figures of the Channel Tunnel project, which connects England and France. This will add to the total valuation of Tesla. The electric car and energy company will be a key supplier for the high-speed transport line.

Tesla would be designing and manufacturing the Boring Company’s pods for the downtown Chicago-O’Hare transport line.

Musk said 18-mile high-speed tunnel would cost ~$1 billion to build. The Boring Co.’s pods are designed to carry 16 passengers at a time. They will make the 18-mile trip in 12 minutes at half the price of Uber or a cab.

December 10 reveal of two-mile tunnel in LA

Boring Company has completed a two-mile tunnel in LA and they are working on a huge garage elevator. Car elevators are usually 20 feet long, but the elevator for the LA tunnel will be larger. The elevator will be used for trucks and SUVs and construction equipment.

Many US Airport and other tunnel projects after Chicago