China establishing 225 square mile robotic ship test area

China is making 225 square nautical miles of ocean into test site for robotic warships. The Wanshan Marine Test Site will be largest robot ship test area. They are setting up satellite navigation, electro optical sites, sonar, and datalinks.

The test site will partner with the Zhuhai municipal government, China Classification Society (CCS), and the Wuhan University of Technology. Wuhan University also develops cutting-edge Chinese naval research like electromagnetic technologies and aircraft carriers.

The size of global robot market reached 160 billion yuan in 2017, and is expected to top 240 billion yuan by 2020. Wuhan Development Zone has thus proposed to transform itself into a “capital of robots.”

A robot town is being built in the zone to achieve the industry’s annual output value goal of 10 billion yuan by 2020, 30 billion yuan by 2022, and 50 billion yuan by 2025.

Rolls Royce robotic ships

In June 2017, Rolls Royce demonstrated the world’s first unmanned commercial vessel in a test in Copenhagen harbor.

Roll Royce has a roadmap and development plan for robotic ships.