Cray Shasta supercomputer in 2020 with about 100 petaflops

Cray is building new Shasta Supercomputers. The first will be built for $146 million at Berkeley National Labs. It will use AMD Epyc processor and the next-generation Einstein Nvidia Tesla GPU accelerator. The “Perlmutter” NERSC-9 supercomputer will be installed in late 2020.

Cray has built a new interconnect, called “Slingshot”.

The current Cori NERSC-8 machine at LBNL is a Cray XC40 system using the company’s “Aries” interconnect. There are 14 cabinets. The Cori system has 32.3 peak petaflops using Xeon and Xeon Phi nodes. It cost $75 million, or $2,321 per teraflops

They are aiming for the Shasta supercomputer to have 3 to 4 times the processing power of the Cori.

Shasta should have 97 to 130 petaflops.