Drones will be tightly integrated with army vehicles

Recent advancements in commercial drones and their use by the military bring vehicle and drone manufacturers closer offering integrating drones with manned or unmanned combat vehicles. AeroVironment is working with General Dynamics Land Systems to tighten the integration of its unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with GDLS’ combat vehicles.

Above – Aerovironment’s Shrike 2 hybrid tricopter was displayed at AUSA 2018 mounted on a launch pad installed on top of the Striker A1 30mm turret. This turret also accommodates a 9-pack battery of Switchblade loitering weapons. Shrike 2 takes off and lands vertically, on the halt or on the move. Illustration: GDLS

The U.S. Army Next-Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) program will dramatically benefit from automated drone scout and precision loitering missile engagement technology tightly coupled into the GD armored vehicle electronic architecture to rapidly geolocate and, if necessary, finish targets. The U.S. Marines Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) project has evolved well beyond a straightforward replacement for the Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) into a networked family of manned vehicles, ground robots, and drones, collectively capable of not only reconnaissance but also electronic warfare and long-range precision strikes.