Long Wave infrared + sensor fusion = weapon tracking anti-stealth

The US military has a combination of long-wave infrared search and track combined with high-speed multi-ship data networking and advanced sensor fusion algorithms for weapons quality tracking an enemy stealth fighter.

The U.S. Navy and Boeing demonstrated counter-stealth technologies during the 2017 Fleet Exercise. They used a pair of modified F/A-18E/F Super Hornets using a combination of the powerful DTP-N processor, TTNT high-speed IP-based data-network and the long-wave Block II Infrared Search and Track (IRST) pod.

The U.S. Navy will roll out new counter-stealth capabilities in the coming years as the Block III Super Hornet enters service in 2022.

Russia and the Chinese possess the individual elements of all the required technologies to replicate the U.S. Navy’s capabilities.

The U.S. Air Force expects China and Russia to have effective anti-stealth around 2030.

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