Mainstream talk about Tesla Effect and 20 years to end age of oil

Paul Sankey of Mizuho Securities discussed the Tesla effect which is the concept that the 20th century was centered on oil and the 21st century will be centered on electricity, and what it is doing on oil stocks.

Sankey says there is fairly widespread belief that we are ten years into a thirty-year transition from oil to electricity for cars and many other areas.

As the oil price goes up to $100-120 per barrel, the Tesla Effect could be exacerbated by the potential for higher oil prices to accelerate the end of the Oil Age. Ultimately, the terminal value of oil has been severely affected by the potential for us to change behavior.

Tesla is impacting other car makers and will impact oil and energy companies. China has made it policy to push the transition to electric cars.

In February, 2018, self-made billionaire Don Gao from China mentioned that the Tesla Effect continues to grow even in markets beyond the California-based company’s reach. Don Gao owns Positec which makes lithium-ion powered equipment. Positec is becoming a potent rival for heavyweight brands like Black and Decker. The billionaire entrepreneur noted that Tesla’s commitment to battery tech is spilling over into other industries, to the point where consumers’ perception of battery-powered devices is now changing.

Don Gao also talked about the rising importance of India as a growth market and that e-commerce will still be killing traditional retail.

There was 2015 discussion of Tesla and ending the age of oil.


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