Mobius says Yuan could freefall and China has to make trade deal

Mark Mobius, partner and co-founder of Mobius Capital Partners, says China markets are very weak. The yuan weakness and tradewar are killing China shares. This can only be solved by China making big concessions to Trump on trade.

If and when the yuan breaks through 7 to the US dollar, then 7.5 is nothing and a freefall is possible.

There are over $640 billion in shares pledged for loans. The falling stocks will be compounded by banks calling the pledged shares for loans.

If the Democrats win the House in the midterms, then the US markets will fall. Democrat control of the House will prevent and further tax reform or tax reductions.

Mobius sees money transferring from China into India. There will still be more correction in India.

The key is the November 30 meeting between Trump and Xi Jinping. There has to be good lower level negotiations before that meeting.