Tesla ramping production and profitability

Elon Musk urged Tesla workers to help Tesla achieve profitability in the third quarter.

There is some uncertainty about exactly how many Tesla Model 3s were produced in the third quarter. Estimates are about 55,000. This could be about $920 million in profit from the model 3.

Sandy Munro of Munro and Associates takes all kinds of cars apart and analyzes the parts and assembly processes. He claims that for every dollar a car maker pays to his company they are able to provide $20 in value from suggested improvements in parts and processes.

Sandy took apart the Model 3 and determined that the Tesla Model 3 is over 30% profitable. No other electric car is getting 30% net. At 3 minutes in the first video below.

The density of the Model 3 electronics and the integration of circuit boards is a symphony of engineering.

The Battery cell is 20% bigger and has 50% more power.

Initially Sandy was not impressed, but as he completed his teardown analysis and drove the Model 3 he became very impressed with it.