Top 100 companies worth over $20 trillion

The total market capitalisation of the Global Top 100 companies has increased by 15% since last year to $20 trillion.
This compares with a 11.5% increase in the MSCI World Index. The US retains the leading position with 54 companies in the Top 100, accounting for 61% ($12 trillion) of total market capitalization.

Second-placed China saw an increase of 57% when compared to the top 100 companies at 31 March 2017, totaling $2.8 trillion.

The Top 10 includes eight US and two Chinese companies, while last year all of the Top 10 were from the US.

Europe’s representation in the Top 100 rises by one company to 23, with European companies’ share of overall market capitalization staying unchanged at 17% ($3.4 trillion).

The technology sector is the largest sector in terms of market capitaliaation, followed by the financial sector and then consumer goods