Urban 21st century and Megaurban 22nd century

The World became 50% urban in 2007. The global urban population increased from a mere 13% in 1900 to 29% in 1950. In 1960 the world was one-third urban. The world will have gone from 55% urban now to 68% in 2050 and over 70% in 2060.

Megacities have populations over ten million. There are about 20 cities that are megaurban today. The world is only 5% megaurban today.

There are about 400 million people in megacities now out of 7.7 billion (5% megaurban).
There will be almost 900 million in megacities in 2050 out of 10 billion (9% megaurban).
There will be about 1.1 billion in megacities in 2060.
There will be about 2.1 billion in megacities in 2100 out of 12 billion (16% megaurban).

Around 2150-2180, the trend would be for world to become 50% megaurban.

Starting in 2040- Tokyo will start dropping down the list of biggest cities

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