What FasTrak does not tell you to save Bay Area Tolls

Driving around the San Francisco Bay Area there are tolls for driving in carpool lanes. The signs will say that if you have FasTrak and enough people in your car then you can drive free of tolls on Highway 580 and 680. You can also get discounts during rush hour going over bridges.

However, this is not the whole story.

You must have FasTrak Flex. This is a different device than regular FasTrak.

Review your quarterly FasTrak statements and if you drive down 580 and 680 and thought that you had enough people for the carpool lane, you will see charges.

Call FasTrak 1877 229 8655 and file dispute for every month and request new FasTrak Flex for every car you are using in the Bay Area.

This is for Nextbigfuture readers in California. This flexible tolling will start impacting other California roads.

The highway signs do not tell you to get the new FasTrak Flex. The billing statement does not tell you. There is virtually no communication on this. You have to review your statement in detail and notice that column 4 of a 15 column table has I680 or I580 charges or notice no discount on bridges when you went over during rush hour.

If you have a regular FasTrak you get no discounts for carpooling. Also, electric and other cars also need the new FasTrak Flex.

I580 and I680 tolls can be up to about $8 everytime you get nailed for a carpool lane toll. One month of such charges can easily add up to $100 and a month can easily be $300.

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