What will be the big changes from 2018 to 2028?

Over the last ten or so years there have been technological changes to our daily lives and there have been noticeable changes to our world.

Eleven years ago there was the introduction of the iPhone.
Airbnb started in 2008.
Uber started in 2009.
Bitcoin started in 2009.
SpaceX launched the Falcon 1 in 2008 successfully for the first time.
Tesla delivered about 100 Tesla Roadsters in 2008.
Skype was introduced in 2003 and had 8% of the international call market by 2008.
MySpace (126 million) was a close third in social media behind Facebook (200 million) in second and Blogger (222 million) in first in 2008.
D-Wave Systems showed a 16 qubit system in 2007 but did not have a commercial sale until 2010.
China’s GDP in 2008 was $4.5 trillion and it is about three times higher today.
The number of outbound Chinese tourists went from about 46 million to about 140 million and their spending increased by about 8 times.
India’s GDP went from $1.2 trillion to about $2.7 trillion today.
The US GDP went from $14.7 trillion to $20 trillion today.

What will happen from now to 2028?

Aerion Supersonic and Spike Aerospace are developing private supersonic jets for the wealthy and Boom Supersonic is creating a supersonic plane for less well-monied flyers.

Spike’s S-512 plane, a windowless business jet, is planned to reach speeds of Mach 1.6 (1,227mph). Aerion’s AS2 business jet will have a top cruise speed of Mach 1.4 (1,074mph). And Boom has set its sights on even faster travel: Mach 2.2 (1,687mph).

SpaceX will be many SpaceX BFR’s built and flying in frequent fully reusable flights.

There will be the start of some point to point hypersonic travel via SpaceX BFR.

SpaceX will have placed a network of over 1000 internet satellites into low earth orbit.

There should be new space habitats on the moon and in various orbits.

There will have been at least two missions to Mars.

SpaceX will have some competition from reusable rockets from Blue Origin and China.

Electric cars and trucks will have a dominant market share for new cars relative to combustion vehicles.

Self-driving cars for taxi service will also be dominant for passenger miles.

Self-driving cars, trucks, ships and drones will have transformed the global supply chain. This will boost the world economy.

There will be some drone air taxis and there will flying suit sport racing.

Artificial Intelligence and quantum computers will transform IT and logistics.

Virtual reality, augmented reality and industrial and home robotics will have become more mainstream.

Poverty will remain an issue in most of Africa and parts of South America. Asia should mostly have resolved its poverty issue other than North Korea.

About 35% of China will be richer than Portugal on a per capita basis and 10% will be in the range of Spain and Italy.

Below there is color coding of the projected per capita income.
The green is for wealthier than Spain on an exchange basis.
The reddish is for wealthier than Portugal on an exchange rate basis.
The blue is better than Croatia but less than Portugal.
The yellow is better than Russia but less than Crotia.

China’s high-speed rail network will continue to fill out in China and there will be a lot of high-speed subway connections in the megacities. There will also be belt and road connections throughout Southeast Asia, Russia and over to Europe.

Cancer deaths will be greatly reduced with cancer vaccines, CART treatments and other biotech.
Stroke and heart attack deaths will be greatly reduced with wearable devices and light-based devices to detect what kind of stroke has occurred.

There will be gene therapy and other treatments for anti-aging and aging reversal and repair of aging damage.

There will be successful treatments for obesity. Stem cells and other treatments will activate and add brown fat to increase metabolism.

There will be some hyperloop connections in other countries.

The leading militaries will have deployed a lot of hypersonic missiles, combat lasers and railguns. There will also be hypersonic drones.