World is adding two Tokyo metro areas of city population every year

The World is urbanizing at 1.46 million people per week.

In 2018 about 55% of the world’s population is living in cities.

87% of this urbanization is happening in Asia and Africa. 63% is in Asia.

Asia is adding 920,000 people to cities every week. China is adding almost 300,000 people to cities every week. India is adding 200,000 people every week to cities.

China will be 60% urban in 2019 and will be 70% urban in 2030. China will go from 840 million urban today to 1 billion urban in 2030.

India is 33% urban now (450 million) and will be about 39% urban (583 million) in 2030.

85% of world GDP is generated by cities.

Global smart cities market are expected to grow from $520 billion now to $760 billion in 2020.


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