Aegis and SAM missiles will protect cities to free up US Navy

The US Navy does not want to use ships to patrol and protect cities. They want all cities to have their own onshore Aegis systems.

Above – An Aegis Ashore command centers are an Aegis warship’s bridge transplanted to land.

The US Navy wants Aegis cruisers and destroyers loaded with Tomahawk cruise missiles or LRASM anti-ship missiles instead of a preponderance of defensive SM-3 anti-ballistic missile interceptors.

Japan issued a $2 billion request for two ground-based Aegis Ashore radar missile tracking stations built by Lockheed Martin. The anti-missile protection will be completed around 2025. Romania and Poland are the only other countries to have built the ground-based system.

The US Navy has repeatedly called for growing the fleet from 286 ships today to a 355-ship fleet.

China has loaded up its man-made islands in the South China Sea with surface to air missiles and anti-ship missiles.