Better communication between financials cities could pay for SpaceX Starlink

SpaceX Starlink will provide the lowest latency and high 100 Gigabit per second connections. Light travels 45% faster in vacuum versus fiber optic cable. Lasers for Starlink satellites will enable fast low latency connections.

The top ten financial cities could spend $2 billion each per year for premium low latency connections. The next ten could spend $1 billion each per year. The connections would be two each of the other major financial centers.

The estimated ten billion cost of the 4425 satellites in phase 1 of the SpaceX Starlink network would be covered.

SpaceX is getting a loan for $750 million to build its Starlink satellite network and the SpaceX BFR.

A 3-millisecond decrease in one-way communication time between the Chicago and New York areas was worth about $100 million per year. Chicago is the 17th ranked financial center.

From 2013-2018 over $500 million was spent over five years on microwave connections to reduce latency between New York and Chicago.

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  1. Not to spoil the party, but this will most likely raise the price of the service for all the pizza box end users.

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