Content Creators Can Now Find Clients and Be Paid in One Place

Advertising has always been about attracting as much attention as possible to a particular brand’s cause, and companies are continually chasing the most innovative ways to do that. For most companies, that requires putting their message in front of as many people as possible and hoping that enough will find it sufficiently compelling to make a purchase.

Typically, this means harnessing the latest technology to proliferate brand awareness and to sell products.

Of course, these mediums have changed over time. The late 19th century was propelled by newspaper, magazine, and radio ads, which eventually gave way to television advertising, one of the most prominent ad platforms in the world until it was supplanted by internet ads in 2017.

Now, companies are experimenting with new advertising models that have companies collaborating with individual content creators on platforms like YouTube and Instagram to create compelling advertising campaigns that are frequently embedded right into the content that viewers are consuming. These messages, delivered by the creators themselves and imbuing an implicit endorsement from a trusted source, have proven to be extremely successful.

Unfortunately, as a new advertising paradigm, there is a troubling lack of an established and transparent monetization model, which means that content creators are not positioned to thrive, and companies have a difficult time establishing strategic relationships with the right creators.

AQER, a blockchain-based marketplace connecting content creators with advertisers, is positioning itself to fill the void. By bringing content creators and content seekers together in a single location where relationships can be forged, contracts can be signed, and compensation can be issued, AQER is attempting to facilitate the latest advertising trend that is capturing the attention of millions of people.

Marketing Connections

Despite its growing popularity, many companies find it difficult to identify suitable influencers for their ad campaign. In some ways, this is attributable to the nuanced effect of influencer marketing. For instance, only 3% of consumers are influenced by a celebrity endorsement, but 30% are more likely to make a purchase if the product is endorsed by a non-celebrity blogger, vlogger, or Instagram creative.

Therefore, companies can’t just attach their brand to a celebrity endorsement and expect an immense return on investment. Obviously, wading through a list of unfamiliar influencers isn’t helpful either.

AQER solves this problem by creating a user-friendly ranking system that differentiates content creators using metrics like their number of followers to find the perfect match for their company. Using AI technology to sort and assess different creators, dividing them into six dynamic categories that help advertisers make strategic decisions about their collaborative partners. These rankings are adjusted after each project, so marketers can make real-time decisions about their brand placement.

In addition, because everyone participating in the AQER platform is looking for a working relationship, they provide a simple method for entering into contracts. Using the blockchain’s smart contracts, creators and advertisers can create an agreement that automatically distributes funds when pre-determined metrics are met.

Ensuring Equity

Marketing professionals aren’t the only ones who benefit from this arrangement. Without established pricing or payment structures, content creators often have to fend for themselves, unsure if they are fairly compensated for their work and working at the mercy of the payment providers.

By harnessing the capabilities of the blockchain’s smart contracts and immutable public ledger, AQER brings a previously unseen level of candor to the process. In contrast, major content platforms like YouTube are famously opaque about their compensation models, so clarity and transparency are welcome additions for many creatives.

Ultimately, in using the platforms native digital token, AQER facilitates a timely and transparent payment system that is fair for the companies and creatives.

Perhaps most importantly, this process cuts out the middleman, the brokers who currently assist these relationships. These brokers have become renown for all the wrong reasons.

Charging extraordinary fees, they remove value from the process while clogging the system and reducing efficiency. With AQER, companies and creatives can work directly with one another while still having the confidence and certainty provided by the smart contract and the blockchain-based platform.

For both parties, the transition toward influencer advertising has huge potential. Millions of users are consuming billions of hours of content. Meanwhile, they are engaging with the content and its creators in ways that were not possible with other mediums. As a result, the potential to reach new customers is incredible, but, for this movement to reach its potential, the compensation models need to improve. AQER is hoping that their marketplace is the catalyst for that change.

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