Get a Room – A Mobile Room

The Radical Innovation Award 2018 was given to the Autonomous Travel Suite.

Autonomous Travel Suite is a hospitality service specifically designed for long-distance travels. It is different from personal commute or leisure cars.

Autonomous Travel Suite is designed to be a room, not a car. It is a room that has the flexibility to customize the usage, scale, furnishings, appliances, and services. You can use the online app to select necessary features individually (like a cradle or tv screen, among others), and it will be delivered to your front door with all your needs.

It can be used like a cruise ship is today. You go about a city for holiday or business and then retire to your suite. The cruise ship leaves and takes you to the next city. The travel suite would be called up like a ride-sharing car. However, you would have WiFi and other services.

Get a Mobile Room

A separate UK study indicates that widespread adoption of self-driving cars will mean mobile prostitution and couples coupling in the cars. This would be even more comfortable and convenient with mobile rooms.

The World Comes to You and You Go to the World

Autonomous Hotel Chain is like a joint operation between a rental car chain and hotel chain. It can be affiliated with regular hotels and businesses.

Drones will be able to make deliveries of food and other products while the suite is moving.

Autonomous Travelers can book any of the nearby facilities (like gym, pool, shower, and parent suites), and these will be charged per usage.

Autonomous Travel Suite is an electric vehicle. The batteries will be maintained by the Autonomous Hotel Facilities, and if you need replacement, the service vehicle will come and exchange your batteries with a new one. No need to wait, just plug in and charge the batteries.