Giving up privacy and friends for 90% discounts

China, UK and other countries take away privacy with massive use of cameras, cellphone, internet browser and credit card monitoring.

There are also cameras hidden in street lights and traffic barrels.

Getting E-Commerce Deals With Your Friends

China has its massive social credit program and technological monitoring of its people. They also have the most successful e-Commerce companies in the world. E-Commerce and mobile payments will soon surpass half of all financial transactions in China. The e-Commerce apps have cracked the code of providing value, discounts , prizes and gamification.

Amazon, Facebook and Google have been highly successful in driving social behavior and taking a growing share of commerce. However, the Chinese Apps and commerce appear to have deeper penetration and engagement.

Instagram has 500 million active daily users who hit like buttons about 4.2 billion times per day. WeChat has 80% weekly active penetration and an average of 391 weekly opens. This is about 55 daily opens.

Pinduoduo is the Fastest Growing Newcomer

Pinduoduo exceeded US$15 billion (100 billion RMB) per year of sales on the platform 2 years after its launch. By mid-2018, Pinduoduo had over US$35 billion in 12 month sales (262 billion RMB).

The second largest ecommerce App in China offers discounts of up to 90% off every day items. You have to gather your friends on WeChat for a bulk order directly from the manufacturer.

Pindoudou sales are over fifteen times larger than Groupon. The average Groupon promotion is 50% off.

Share the app and hook your friends for 60-90% discounts.

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