Near-term possibility of Artificial General Intelligence

Greg Brockman of OpenAI discussed the near-term possibility of Artificial General Intelligence. He says we must dare to dream about dramatic near-term progress.

OpenAI is a non-profit AI research company, discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence.

In October 2015, Musk, Altman and other investors announced the formation of the organization, pledging over US$1 billion to the venture.

Tens of billions of dollars is going towards AI. Google and other leaders are looking to both improve deep learning and to enhance it with different AI fields.

There are several focused efforts working towards AGI. (Opencog, Sanctuary AI and others.

There is another 100X to 1000X improvement in hardware compute power over the next ten years.
AI and AGI projects are getting more funding which could allow for 100 to 1000X larger funding on projects.
There is the potential and likelihood for massive gains in quantum computing in the near term.
There are advances with sensors and satellites that will provide more data and information to digital systems.
There will be tens of millions to billions of self-driving cars and drones providing information to digital systems.

If not AGI then what level of AI will we have in ten years with those developments?