niTROn Blockchain Conference Will Explore Solutions and Blockchain Future

On January 17 and 18, 2019, the niTROn Summit 2019 will be at the San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center. It is hosted by blockchain giant TRON. The conference aims to break down industry barriers, explore potential blockchain solutions and share visions of the future. Register for early bird access now.

Ex-Los Angeles Laker Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant will be speaking. Kobe has been successful in basketball and business investment. Kobe Bryant made a $6 million investment in sports drink BodyArmor, which is now worth $200 million. The investment has yielded more than 30 times its money in fewer than four and a half years. In August, 2018, Coca-Cola announced it had purchased a minority stake in sports drink BodyArmor.

Bryant has an investment fund called Bryant Stibel. It has invested in 15 businesses. They invested in tech, media, and data spaces. Projects it has funded include House Canary, a real estate data and analytics firm, and All Def Digital, a media company which uses Hip Hop to grow its audience.


TRON is making a truly decentralized Internet using an ecosystem of community members, many decentralized applications (DApps), wallets, and decentralized exchanges. TRON is building a blockchain-based operating system.

Tron DApp House

TRON’s DApp House has been open for about 6 weeks and has 15 applications with over 290 million transactions in the last 24 hours.

TRON EcoSystem Co-builder Plan

The EcoSystem Co-builder Plan (TRON ECP) supports TRON-based Startups, DApp developers, freelance developers, and Blockchain VC to cobuild the TRON ecosystem, providing them with a platform for long-term communication and cooperation with TRON Foundation.

Co-builders can submit their projects or DApps, apply for resources like capital, technical support, and community exposure; claim development task, complete it and get the reward; apply to be VC partners, sharing quality projects, investing and incubating jointly.

There are 4 components of the TRON ECP:
TRON Booster,
TRX Claiming Plan for DApps,
Task Claiming Plan, and
VC Partnership Plan.
TRON Booser is an incubator focused on investing in and incubating TRON-based blockchain startups. The startups are involved in sidechain, stable currency, DEX, wallet, cryptocurrency payment gateway, and other specific application scenarios based on the TRON network.

The TRX token has a market cap of $1.4 billion as of November 22, 2018.

DApp developers can apply for a certain amount of TRX through the TRX Claiming Plan for DApps.

Summit focuses on practical applications of blockchain technology

At the summit, TRON will host a forum for developers. They will discuss Super Representatives, public chain research and development, DApp/smart contract development, game engine development, decentralized exchange construction, and more.