SpaceX gets approval for 7,500 more satellites

The FCC approved SpaceX request for access to additional frequencies and to operate an additional 7,500 satellites at very low-Earth altitudes.

In March, the FCC had approved SpaceX initial plan for a constellation of 4425 satellites.

Market access approval has been given to Telesat, Kepler Communications and LeoSat to offer high-speed internet service and connectivity for sensors and other intelligence devices.

Telesat Canada will use a network of 117 satellites to offer high-speed U.S. communication services.

Premium Internet Connections Between Financial Centers

Light travels 45% faster in the vacuum of space compred to fiber optic cable. SpaceX will be able to provide shorter delays (lower latency) at high bandwidth.

A 3-millisecond decrease in one-way communication time between the Chicago and New York areas was worth about $100 million per year.

The top 20 financial cities will pay one to three billion dollars each year for faster connections via an internet network in space.

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