Archived Live Forum Interaction

As regular commenters are aware, there was a recent switch from Vuukle to Spot.IM. If at all possible this will be the last comment system switch. Apologies for not providing enough specific callouts about the comment switch before the move. There was a mention I made in Vuukle comments but I should have provided more notice. There was a lot of work to get all of the historical Solidopinion comments back and to also move the Vuukle comments.

The live interaction is now over. It was Nov 29 10am to noon. There will be more live forums.

There is the ability to put images, links, bold and italics in comments.

There is also a special type of Conversation feature for having what Spot.IM call live blog. This will be where I believe I can perform regular AMA or have directed community conversations. The system can allow multiple people to generate new topics. Those people need to be authorized by the admin. I will test this out tomorrow as a single host AMA.

Spot.IM will be introducing new features in a few months for conversation topic pages that will group common articles and discussions in focus areas like Space, Biotech or whatever is selected for each configured page.

This will be my first attempt and using this. Hopefully it will go smoothly.

The goal is to develop better interaction, answers and respond to community needs.