Bargain Costs for a Functional Star Trek Bridge Set

Star Trek Axanar is fan film that put the fear of competence into CBS and Paramount. They raised about $100,000 and made the short film “Prelude to Axanar”.

Axanar raised $638000 through Kickstarter to a 90 minute long movie. However, they were stopped by a lawsuit from Paramount and CBS. The lawsuit judgement only allows them to make two 15 minute short films.

The small production is being very efficient at getting the most value for their tiny budget.

Bringing Console Stations to Life on a Star Trek Bridge Set

Axanar production is bringing the console station of the bridge set to life using $5 Raspberry Pi computers. The scrappy production bought computers for $5 each on Black Friday special. The computers play video animations onto LED monitors.

This is part of the process of making a functional original series bridge. They use thirty-five $5 computers and a few more higher-end systems.

This bridge is made by professional set designers with a low budget will look real without any post-production effects.

Not Enough Power is a Real Life Problem

They were concerned with power-consumption of their bridge. They did not want to overload the electrical system at their studio. They are using LED lights, LED monitors and low-power Raspberry Pis.

The set will be rented by other Star Trek fan film productions.

It appears that it would cost less than $250,000 to have a working Star Trek the original series bridge made. It could have lighting, actuation and sound effects.

However, if you do more of the work to build it you could save on costs. I belive high-end computer controlled cutting machines and other equipment would be helpful in reaching a goal of lower cost construction.

The set designers are using certain higher level woodworking skills. An alternative would be to get access to a larger computer controlled cutting machines.

More DIY could make it possible to bring the cost down to $50,000 to 100,000. This might also be the price-range if some created a Star Trek bridge set kit system to support the motivated and affluent Trekkie.

There were Techshop in the USA which provided access to high computer controlled cutting machines with a monthly membership. Unfortunately, Techshop went out of business in the US. International locations stayed open. There are many hackerspaces and makerspaces which are still operating and provide similar facilities.

It would probably be cheap to have switches that trigger a console “explosion”. The top of console station pop open, spark and release smoke.

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How much would pay to put a Star Trek bridge in a large spare room?

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