Ambri Utility Scale Liquid Metal Batteries Arriving in 2020

Ambri will be commercializing a utility-scale liquid metal battery within three years. In 2020, they want 10-foot cube commercial units in proof-of-concept field deployments.

Ambri’s liquid metal battery was initially based on magnesium and antimony as the negative and positive electrodes and a low-cost molten salt electrolyte. Ambri has transitioned to using a higher voltage and lower cost chemistry.

They halted commercialization because of a problem with the seals on its high-temperature battery cells. They restarted with the new, lower-cost chemistry.

Utility battery storages projects are currently scaled for the 4-hour duration. Ambri is targeting 4 to 12 hours of duration.

The base unit for Ambri’s system is a fully-sealed liquid metal battery cell. Ambri’s cells are connected in a thermal enclosure to form an Ambri Core.