China Gets Critical Engine Technology and in Exchange Will Fix Russian Ships

Russia has provided China with critical navy engine technology which will enable China’s newest destroyers to have enough electrical power for large railguns. China will fix and upgrade Russia’s aircraft carrier and other large ships. Russia is unable to fix or modernize large ships after their only large floating dock sank.

This shows that China still needs foreign technology for fundamental military technology. It also shows that Russia needs help performing basic maintenance and upgrading of its Soviet-era military technology. China is advancing to fill the gaps in its technology capabilities and is moving ahead to railguns and other technology. China is ahead of the USA in fielding railguns and is ahead in putting integrated electric propulsion systems onto many Navy Ships. The US has integrated electric propulsion systems on the three Zumwalt destroyers.

Destoyer Engine Turbine and High Performance Alloys

China can now cast and produce turbine engine blades for more powerful and higher performing navy destroyer engines.

The turbine blades will be used the Type 055 guided missile destroyer. China has built 4 of the new destroyers over the last 18 months and is currently building another 4.

The first two Type 055s do not feature super efficient integrated electric propulsion systems (IEPS) because of their relatively low power supplies. The next six destroyers will have higher power and integrated electric propulsion systems. The power systems will enable the destroyers to operate high-energy rail guns, which can launch projectiles at two to three times the speed of regular navy guns.

Russian United Engine Corp has been helping China’s Harbin Turbine company.

Russia Needs Help Fixing and Modernizing All Large Navy Ships

Russia needs China to retrofit its only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov-class carrier. The hull, deck and other parts were all damaged in an accident which also sank Russia’s only large floating dock.

A 70-ton crane on the dock fell and broke a hole in the aircraft carrier.

Russia either needs a new 80,000 ton or larger floating dock or they need China’s help fixing and modernizing all of their large ships.