China Gets Critical Engine Technology and in Exchange Will Fix Russian Ships

Russia has provided China with critical navy engine technology which will enable China’s newest destroyers to have enough electrical power for large railguns. China will fix and upgrade Russia’s aircraft carrier and other large ships. Russia is unable to fix or modernize large ships after their only large floating dock sank.

This shows that China still needs foreign technology for fundamental military technology. It also shows that Russia needs help performing basic maintenance and upgrading of its Soviet-era military technology. China is advancing to fill the gaps in its technology capabilities and is moving ahead to railguns and other technology. China is ahead of the USA in fielding railguns and is ahead in putting integrated electric propulsion systems onto many Navy Ships. The US has integrated electric propulsion systems on the three Zumwalt destroyers.

Destoyer Engine Turbine and High Performance Alloys

China can now cast and produce turbine engine blades for more powerful and higher performing navy destroyer engines.

The turbine blades will be used the Type 055 guided missile destroyer. China has built 4 of the new destroyers over the last 18 months and is currently building another 4.

The first two Type 055s do not feature super efficient integrated electric propulsion systems (IEPS) because of their relatively low power supplies. The next six destroyers will have higher power and integrated electric propulsion systems. The power systems will enable the destroyers to operate high-energy rail guns, which can launch projectiles at two to three times the speed of regular navy guns.

Russian United Engine Corp has been helping China’s Harbin Turbine company.

Russia Needs Help Fixing and Modernizing All Large Navy Ships

Russia needs China to retrofit its only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov-class carrier. The hull, deck and other parts were all damaged in an accident which also sank Russia’s only large floating dock.

A 70-ton crane on the dock fell and broke a hole in the aircraft carrier.

Russia either needs a new 80,000 ton or larger floating dock or they need China’s help fixing and modernizing all of their large ships.

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  1. here is a problem: RUssia cannot built a ship-use(7000tons level) turbine herself. how can russia help china?

  2. Why would the russians purchase a replacement floating drydock from the chinese, other than a sweetheart deal, since they sure as hell won’t do a deep refit in a foreign shipyard? Wasn’t the sunken one of swedish manufacture?

  3. There is always just permanent national interests, no permanent friends. For the next couple of decades and beyond, it makes a lot of sense for Putin to buy ships from China. It strengthens the Russian Navy, conserves precious funds for other military spending and get a better product faster. China already got the natural resources in Russia with money, which is much cheaper than the military option.

  4. The Russians did not call the Chinese you moron they removed the crain and are now reparing it in the PD-41 flaoting dock.
    Also yes China copys everything and even in this case they needed 50 years to get their hands on basic gas trubine blade manufacturing.

  5. Then why does the US still purchase Soyuz rocket engines from Russia. Whoops ! Deep State forgot about sanctions in relation to these lol

  6. The author brian wang is again basing his writing on the assumption that Chinese people can’t innovate unless with white people’s help. But did he realize that China successfully tested the rail gun half a year on the sea before the Russian repair ship sunk? How was that supposed to work? Shoot the arrow first then place the target on the arrow’s path so that the arrow will hit the target?

    Let’s say Brian didn’t know about China’s successful rail gun test prior to the Russian ship accident. But look the timeline: Russian ship sunk in October and Russians were out of option to repair their carrier. So they called the Chinese, offered to exchange engine technology for repair services, Chinese agreed, assessed the scope of the repairs needed, evaluated Russian engine technologies, used newly acquired Russian know-how to design, build, test new engines, and connected the rail gun to the power grid, and tested in December. All these events have to take place without any hiccups in a month and a half in order to prove Brian Wang’s ridiculous theory of Chinese can’t create without white men’s helps.

  7. Redwheel, Russia’s problem isn’t technology, it’s that their manufacturing infrastructure is falling apart, so knowing how to make something doesn’t mean they can make more than one or two.

  8. Becoming dependent on a strategic foe for military maintenance is not generally considered a smart move. Russia is in a really bad way.

    Not that we haven’t done stupider, on multiple occasions, with far less excuse. That OPM data breach was epically stupid.

  9. An accident due to Russian brent of negligence on the only dock they had that was built by another country in the first place.
    PS. I am just going to sign my posts since the stupid comment system doesn’t seem to let me register.

  10. В России нет авианосцев! “Кузнецов” – авианесущий крейсер. А автор – идиот, написавший полный бред! 🙂

  11. So US had to force its technology on a reluctant China, huh? US Democrats like the Clintons are shills, to be sure, but China eagerly wanted that MIRV technology it got from the US. They certainly grabbed America’s W-88 warhead secrets themselves, through espionage.

  12. According to this blog, China has lots of technology, which only keeps getting better. Every 3rd article is about showcasing this.

  13. That’s good, because tanks and planes are used to invade other countries. So less of them means more of a deterrent posture.

  14. The idea was already in a Tom Clancy novel, so I’m not just spit balling here. But maybe Trump will be able to help Putin if things fly south (sic) North.

  15. Russia should and probably will offer China a big hunk of Siberia for further assistance. There has already been a wink and a nod. Russia needs help extracting all the resources and China is always ready to help!

  16. lol and russia repairs in china not because they can’t repair themselves but because there has been an accident at dry dock and ship repair shouldn’t delay

  17. Their tech isn’t their problem (though it is behind in most areas), it’s their money. They developed hypersonic glide missiles out of necessity because they can’t afford tanks or planes any more.

  18. I don’t get this whole, “China can’t do turbine nozzles/blades.” The alloys used are decades old and they have purchased hundreds, if not thousands of engines for Boeing and Airbus they fly today. Directional solidification of single crystal parts may be difficult, but I’m sure they got it figured out. EDM drilling of submillimeter cooling holes is a decades old process. Thermal spraying of thermal barrier coatings is not magical.

  19. No they’re not. That’s just WMD propaganda. China is a minor infringer of IP compared, say, to South Korea.

    Bill Gertz’s books, “Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security and ”The China Threat: How the People’s Republic Targets America” tell how the Clinton/Gore Administration transferred cutting edge nuclear, military and other technology from classified status to Commerce and then openly sold the technology to China. GE transferred its aerospace and its imaging IP to China in exchange for market access, and GE is just the tip of the iceberg. All were short-term decisions now coming back to haunt us.

    To check the record, start at the US premier venue for IP cases, the Federal Court’s Northern District of California, where most complainants will file suits against Chinese entities. A database of Intellectual Property Cases can be found here:

    For the WTO’s international forum for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, TRIPS, start here:

    For Chinese IP court filings and decisions is here: It’s a fast-moving scene but most sites have free subscriptions that will keep you up to date.

    You’ll find that Chinese firms and agencies are under-represented in court filings and almost absent from adverse decisions.

  20. LOL. however its an platform for docking either to an pier or to resupply ships.
    You see cruise ships also have that slot.

  21. Russians need to finish scheduled repairs before a new dock gets built, which may take several years. Chinese could use improvements to their ships before they really need to use them in Pacific around all those islands. Both sides win, and strengthen the relationship further. And yet the crowd gets worked up about one Russian ptoblem and one Chinese problem. If you feel like getting worked up, here is a good one for ya: a hypersonic gliding warhead has just passed the acceptance test (Mach 27+), with first battery put on duty in 2019. For those who can’t make sense of Mach numbers, that is orbital speed (about 8kps). Now cry me a river about Russian technology problems. As for Chinese, well, if they feel like diverting a few percent of their economy to weapons production, to compensate for reduction of exports due to trade war, they can build enough ships to walk over Pacific without getting their feet wet. So all that talk of them dumb Russians or Chinese is just that – dumb.

  22. these chinese are stealing technologies left right and centre and in their primitive hands, they all they want to do is greed. Chinese reminds me of locusts. They have everything except for morals or ethics. Maybe one day this will come but then again, this would mean they would have adopted democracy and freedom of speech Long time ago.

  23. These are the reason that we shouldn’t sweat both China’s or Russia’s military. Russia doesn’t have the economy. And China doesn’t have the technology.

  24. Good reminder of the gap between #1 and everyone else.

    Before this deal, the world’s two big scary bugbears couldn’t fix their one aircraft carrier, or build their own marine engines, respectively.

    Imagine the ridicule the US military would face if it had to ask another country to fix a ship or had to acquire engine technology from another country.

  25. Sounds like a win/win for both countries. I always say that it makes a lot of sense for Russia to buy warships from China (in exchange for other techs Russia has).

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