China’s H-20 Stealth Bomber Copy of the US B2 Leads a New Wave of Military Gear

China’s H-20 stealth bomber will join the J-20 fighters, Y-20 airlifters and Z-20 helicopters in the Chinese Air Force’s “20” series of new aircraft. Many observers believe the “20” means they would be in service around the year 2020.

A prototype H-20 has been seen in some videos and pictures and has a similar design to the US B-2 stealth bomber, with a built-in fuselage and no tail.

Type 095 Nuclear Powered Submarines

China has started building the first of the nuclear-powered Type 095s submarines.

China has a new JL-3 submarine-launched missile which will be comparable to the US Trident II D-5 and the new Russian Bulava SLBMs. It will be used on future Type 096 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN).

In 2019, the Chinese navy is also expected to receive its first 055 destroyers, which have been on sea trials since August.

This 12,000-tonne guided-missile warship, which exceeds the usual size of “destroyer”, will serve as the primary escort to the aircraft carrier in its strike group.

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  1. Yugoslavia did not down a B-2. That would be the F-117. We are light-years beyond that technology. Also the B-2 is obsolete. Sure, the stolen data gives them a huge cost savings in R&D, but until they start developing their own tech they will remain firmly behind us- despite appearances.

  2. Look at this logic, most stealth aircraft of USA are fly-by-wire which means even if the plane is not aerodynamically stable, the computer systems makes it stable. So the design is stealth first, then stability later.

    For Chinese designs, since they’re way, way, way less advance in fly-by-wire tech or maybe they are but their focus is fly plus stability first, then stealth after. So their designs are still pretty much conventional.

    The goal is to psychologically create an effect on global mindset that we’re at par with US. Even if their technology are not really there yet. It’s half politically motivated for Xi to arrogantly say, hey, that’s why you’re keeping me your leader until i die.

    But for all it’s worth, these rush up design and deployment definitely have a lot of bugs and defects that China definitely have the expertise to hide them. For USA, whether for positive or negative reasons, flaws are most of the time are exposed, sometimes detrimental but on some level gives you confident that they identify these and will resolve them (for billions more…)…

  3. So…there’s a chinese funded commentor in our hand. So joris, what you’re implying is that China doesn’t steal and copy technology??? Woooowww, what a …..

  4. These comments about one aircraft being a copy of another is just silly. Similar generation aircraft generally look similar. Was the Spitfire a copy of the BF109? Was the F15 a copy of the Mig 25?

  5. When communist china collapse so does this copied technology. I hope the west will nuke china now before its too late.

  6. So what? Obsolete before it’s first flight. Let China burn up money just like the U.S. had to. Quantum radar and hypersonics killed it. Add the low production runs for specialized components and it’s a dud. But looks cool.

  7. China Is a thief… and in quality and combat power it’s nothing to compare with us … they destroy this planet

  8. General Westmoreland had more or less the same opinion of the Vietcong before the American forces got screwed in Vietnam.

  9. Well, we all know the U.S always develops it’s own Technology, and would never steel it from any foreign entity.

  10. The Chinese are notorious when it comes to stealing US and Russian technology, it may look different but it will have a lot of foreign design and technology

  11. It has a s”tealthy” profile akin to a fighte) but will be vulnerable from the front due to the inlet placement (the B-2 has them on the top due to this) and to IR and (also because the inlets are on the top).

  12. Building an aircraft isn’t just the overall design. B2 design sketches can be found everywhere and even a child can build one. What is the coating on b2 made of? How is it stable without a tail? What are the specifications of the engines? These are the things that matter and almost all the information related to them are classified.
    This is not the first time China shows a fancy aircraft but then they can’t make a proper engine for it. Plain example is j20.
    For now it’s nothing more than a show off unless they make it operational.
    By the way b21 is scheduled for 2020s let’s see how it compares to b21.

  13. Its funny watching the pro China folks respond to this. The issue for China is that their stolen designs are often partial. IE they steal the overall design, but dont steal the engine design, nor radars for example. And the stolen software is only so much help.

    It will lead them into some serious overconfidence right up until their “copy” runs into a original that sees it from further away and can control the engagement distance at will. They are fine right up until a f-22 or f-35 sees them in the battlespace and either knocks them out of the sky or calls on one of the naval vessels with lasers to do so more cheaply.

    Do the Chinese have some innovation? Absolutely. But they neither have the experience, nor the incredible integration between everything to be effective. Because down deep-when you steal the technology you neither get the experience nor the large R&D labs that make it possible.

  14. Nice picture. When China needs the help of Ukraine to produce a decent turbine engine of much earlier vintage, how can it build something suited for modern skies without crashing and burning? Paper dragon need much help to crawl, but cannot fly.

  15. LOL, another toy from China, that was partially copied from “the west”.
    The problem with all the Chinese toys, is they have no “skills” in combat

  16. That’s the problem with some paid media. They always write China copied this and copied that. Signs of growing insecurities from countries who paid these media outlets

  17. It seems NEXT BIG FUTURE is degenerating into just another US propaganda outlet. I guess Foxtrot Alpha, National Interest, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, AFP, Reuters, etc. were not enough to spread misinformation and propaganda about US competitors.

    Also, no officially released of the H-20 currently exists. I am fairly certain CCTV will not have released an image of the H-20.

    The Next Big Future , as well all any other science and tech-related media should stick to the facts and steer clear of politics.

  18. All they need is pictures to imatate angles and such ! In that respect theres a whole lot of similarities in it ! Pay attention to the details.

  19. It really dont matter what it looks like
    …what matters is can it go toe to toe with
    Other’s when the time counts..

  20. Every Chinese plane is a copy of Amerian plane….many western people say. Are America tech so easy to steal and built. if it is so it cannot be so high tech.

  21. Wow seems that us is the stupidest nation in the world… They allow other nation stole their military top secret that easy. Or they just too generous

  22. Does not look like a copy of the B-2 at all. Completely different wing design, stability, CG, stealth, load, wing loading and propulsion philosophy. And that is just from the first picture. Flying wing designs have been around since the 1920-ies, internationally, and there is a lot of variation in the design. Give these engineers the credit they deserve.

  23. Chinese are fond of and has a habit of literally stealing all other nations technologies and copyrights at will and with impunity.

  24. Lot of Chinese people get patriotic about their growing ability to copy the great work of engineering of others.

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