China’s H-20 Stealth Bomber Copy of the US B2 Leads a New Wave of Military Gear

China’s H-20 stealth bomber will join the J-20 fighters, Y-20 airlifters and Z-20 helicopters in the Chinese Air Force’s “20” series of new aircraft. Many observers believe the “20” means they would be in service around the year 2020.

A prototype H-20 has been seen in some videos and pictures and has a similar design to the US B-2 stealth bomber, with a built-in fuselage and no tail.

Type 095 Nuclear Powered Submarines

China has started building the first of the nuclear-powered Type 095s submarines.

China has a new JL-3 submarine-launched missile which will be comparable to the US Trident II D-5 and the new Russian Bulava SLBMs. It will be used on future Type 096 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN).

In 2019, the Chinese navy is also expected to receive its first 055 destroyers, which have been on sea trials since August.

This 12,000-tonne guided-missile warship, which exceeds the usual size of “destroyer”, will serve as the primary escort to the aircraft carrier in its strike group.