Climate Change Demand is Telling Putin and Texas Oilmen to Stop and French to Sacrifice

The IPCC (UN Climate Change committee of scientists) and other climate groups have put out reports with dire warning about the climate crisis. They are demanding that the world shift from fossil fuels to clean energy and for ALL industry to shift.

Well some people believe that is perfectly reasonable and a good plan. How can the world refuse such a reasonable demand with such solid science?

These reports had very similar conclusions to the previous IPCC report that came out a few years ago. Shockingly things have only gotten worse.

How is the world refusing?

You Can Ask or Demand the Other to Sacrifice But the Other Guy Will Refuse

The IPCC and related plans ask and demand a LOT of sacrifices. Most of plans are practically all sacrifice from some groups.

France President Macron tried to implement such a plan of sacrifice. He was going to raise fuel taxes. This was okay with the people in France who have a fantastic subway system. However, the people in the rural area of France donned yellow jackets and had major riots.

The French plan was going to make it far more costly for them to use their trucks and machines to harvest and process wine or to move their cheese to market. It would impact all of those other businesses. It was going to impact their traditional lifestyle.

Some might say, well that is okay they should be willing to understand the global need and do their part to fix the environment.

Uh huh. Nodding. Sure.

Have you been to France? Have you been to rural France? Have you met and talked to people in France?

You just asked people who lives are all about doing what their grandparents and parents have done. The stereotypes are broadly true in that the lives of French people are all about their lifestyle.

The Call for the Shift off of Coal, Oil and Gas

Who are the big winners and powers that profit from oil and gas. It is Putin and the oil barons in Russia. It is Saudi Shieks. It is Texas oilmen.

They will do everything they can to not allow the shift from oil and gas.

Russia also benefits from warming. They get a longer growing season.

Canada also benefits from warming. Land prices have doubled in Saskatchewan because two more weeks of growing season means they can grow corn instead of wheat.

Canada has a lot of the population in the cities who support green causes. They will vote for green plans. Will the farmers in Canada follow the French riots? Will they just politely take it.

Russia’s decisions are of course mostly made by Putin. Will Putin put his interests ahead of the World? Will Putin put Russian farmers and agricultural and energy and strategic strength ahead of the interests of others? Would Putin collude and use criminal and devious methods to keep things going his way?

Are these questions too easy and obvious?

Do scientists have a model of political and social dynamics? Apparently, their model of world politics and business power involves Putin agreeing to go against his own interests and his countries interests for the rest of Putin’s life because it would be the nice thing to do.

Putin is 66. His life expectancy is about 20-25 more years. I am assuming that Putin is exercising and living to maximize his life and will use all of his money to live longer and healthier.

Russia is a very cold country. Their agricultural productivity will improve for the next several decades.

Why do people ignore the obvious?

Who is using the oil and gas? It is Xi Jinping and China and India and other countries. China is building everything for the rest of the planet. There are also a lot of people driving big F150s and F250s and SUVs.

There are also very believers in very green causes, who are flying in private jets or using yachts who are asking other people to sacrifice. How many houses does Al Gore have? How does Al get to his next meeting? But hey he buys offsetting credits.

But don’t worry Putin, Saudi Sheiks and Texas Oilmen and Xi Jinping will listen to Al Gore when Al Gore flies into Davos on his personal jet to tell them to stop and repent. Why? Because they are all nice guys and it is the nice thing to do. This is just how the world works.