Elon Musk Warns of Rapid AI Improvement and Talks Mars Trips and Neuralink

Elon Musk talked about the capabilities of AI. The examples he cites were AI putting words in your mouth, AlphaGo beating the top 50 human players at the same time, dealing with radiation on trips to Mars and the Brain to computer Neuralink.

Elon says the degrees of freedom to which Artificial Intelligence is able to apply themselves is increasing by ten orders of magnitude a year. It is not clear to me exactly what Elon means with this statement of improvement. He talks about a double exponential improvement. Exponential increase in hardware capability and an exponential increase in software talent that is going into AI.

A lot of the hardware used for AI is often not optimized for AI. A GPU is order of magnitude better than CPU for AI. New neural net optimized chips are an order of magnitude better than GPUs. There are many neural net optimized chips coming out soon.

AI puts words in your mouth in a convincing way.

AlphaGo can beat the top 50 human Go players at the same time with zero chance of them winning. I could not find a video of AlphaGo beating the 50 top human players. There is some analysis of a recent AlphaGo vs AlphaGo game.

Elon talked about generative adversarial networks. Those systems competed to make a better and better video reproduction. One system would try first. The other system would then find flaws and fix them. The first system would then work on flaws and fix them. Eventually you could not find the difference between the original and competitively created copy.

What are Elon Concerns About Health Risks of Going to Mars

Radiation risks of going to Mars in the worst case are like smoking on the way there. He believes he can improve the radiation protection so that radiation will not be a show stopper.

Solar wind comes at you following along the magnetic field lines. This means you will need all around protection.