Elon Said He Can Be Stupid But Parking Lot Assembly Line Was Built in 3 Weeks

Elon Musk was interviewed a couple of days ago on 60 Minutes by Leslie Stahl. They focused upon the craziness with Tesla, the Elon tweets that got punished by the SEC, the pot smoking by Elon on Joe Rogan, the production issues on the Model 3 and more.

Elon is Still Fighting and Call Shareholder Votes to Get His Way at Tesla

Elon said he was almost beaten to death at school and has an emotionally abusive father.

Elon was again combative about the twitter oversight.
* Elon respects the legal system but does not respect the SEC.
* Elon can do whatever he wants with Tesla. He is still the largest shareholder and can always can hold a shareholder vote to get his way.

Telsa Was Losing $100 Million Per Week Until the Assembly in the Parking Lot Was Built in 3 Weeks

Elon says he bet his company and more. Tesla was losing $100 million per week.
He set the targets of 5000 Model 3 cars per week and profitability and the targets were met.

Tesla was saved by making the third assembly line in the parking lot under a tent. This boosted production by 50%.

Tesla Will Consider Buying The GM Plants That Are Closing…Implied if Price is Right

Elon said Tesla would consider buying the factories that GM is closing.

Elon Musk Says Tesla’s $35,000 Model 3 will arrive in five to six months as a guess. He qualifies now with a but who knows and says people would be crazy to believe the time estimates of someone who has almost always been wrong on time and who has never ramped mass produced beyond an average of 4500 cars per week.

You can ask yourself how much what Elon has done deserves faith and belief.

If Elon like Steve Jobs a month into the launch of the iPhone, the Mac or is he Steve Jobs at the launch of the Next Computer?

Second Half on MSNBC Segment Discusses Tesla Future and Valuation

A Year Ago A Financial Analyst Predicted Doom for the US Auto Industry

One analyst made the case that it is the used car market that drives the US auto industry. If used car prices collapse, then he says the new car market will follow.

He discusses monthly payments and how leasing has become crack for the Auto companies. The rising interest rates will thus increase monthly payments and hit car companies hard. Again this talk in the video below was from nearly one year ago.

Tesla has not yet started leasing cars. The MSNBC segment from December, 2018 talked about German car companies being down 50% and other US car companies being down 20-30%. Tesla was up.

The analyst was right about car companies taking a share price hit from used car price drop and rising interest rates.

39 thoughts on “Elon Said He Can Be Stupid But Parking Lot Assembly Line Was Built in 3 Weeks”

  1. SEC never claimed ‘no fraud’. And I can quote from wherever. Securities fraud is securities fraud, period.

  2. No, you can not quote anything from Twitter which was securities fraud. That is why the SEC claimed no fraud. Period.

  3. WHAT a WHACK-JOB! And Musk Fluffers worship this guy?


    Sometimes Musk would terminate people; other times he would simply intimidate them. One manager had a name for these outbursts—Elon’s rage firings—and had forbidden subordinates from walking too close to Musk’s desk at the Gigafactory out of concern that a chance encounter, an unexpected question answered incorrectly, might endanger a career.

    “What’s that smell?” he [Musk] asked. Everyone went silent. They knew Musk was so sensitive to odors that job candidates were told not to wear cologne or perfume when they met him. They had seen him become upset over small issues like this, had observed him attack executives for their incompetence and inabilities. One person explained that there were vats of liquid silicon nearby. When heated, it sometimes smelled like burning plastic.

    These vapors were going to kill people, Musk said. They were going to kill him…


  4. I did no such thing. It is EMPIRICALLY OBSERVED that he committed securities fraud. Period.

    You lie each and every time whenever you deny this fact.

  5. No, there was no fraud. That’s why the SEC didn’t say there was any, and why Musk got a slap on the wrist, and why you can’t quote anything showing there was fraud.

    ” Yup. They did the same thing to Tucker. ” & ” They gave him a free pass because he’s one of the Elites. ”

    Make up your mind.

    And there has to be a murder before there should be a jury finding.

  6. Thing is, you expose nothing and you do lie.

    You have yet to quote anything which backs up what you’ve claimed. It’s because you can’t.

  7. Someday there will be 20,000 people in the SpaceX Mars colony and Musk will move there and be elected mayor, and people will say “big deal, so he’s a small-town mayor.”

  8. It just goes to show how much trouble speaking the truth, and expecting support for diversity, rather than just virtue signaling about it from the lamestream media. You REALLY CAN’T exect conventional opinions, and attitudes from people you hold up as creative geniuses. By definition, anyone with high intelligence will hold many opinions, and attitudes far from the average person.

  9. Yes there was fraud. The evidence was for all to see whether Musk admitted to it or not.

    Or are you saying the equivalent that a murder didn’t happen if nobody got convicted for it?

    that is because they had no hope of proving what they had only evidence to the contrary for

    Wrong. They gave him a free pass because he’s one of the Elites.

  10. No, there was no fraud, and the settlement with SEC required no admission of such–that is because they had no hope of proving what they had only evidence to the contrary for. That is why he got a slap ont he wrist and stayed CEO.

    ” Even if you smoke pot on the air ”

    So what?

  11. ” Learn from the mistakes. ”

    It is your delusion, the disease of pathological skepticism, to imagine you have any excuse to imagine, that Tesla has not.

  12. Sort of wondering how he would changes things with the potential acquisitions of the GM plants.
    50/50 robotic or like 70/30 for manned?

  13. Funny thing is that I think the big lesson is that he relied too much on automation. If you watch the 60 Minutes interview, the tent assembly line is almost 100% manned, yet is nearly outproducing the automation lines.

  14. No more than that FB photo of you that appears you are grooming little boys on the internet, Luca? I don’t get that also.

  15. On that, we are in agreement.

    See how great America is everyone! Even if you smoke pot on the air, tweet what ends up becoming stock market manipulation fraud and make other mistakes like Musk has, one can STILL make it in America! Woo-hooo!

  16. He’s going to buy GM plants in Auto Worker Union hell states like Michigan?

    The outcome of that should be…interesting, to say the least. 🙂

  17. TLDR: The original factory Mr Musk envisioned was a complete bust and its output could be matched by a 3 week tent.

    The take home here is not that the tent was wonderful but that it was a necessary eyesore to overcome the sheer ineptness of the original factory line that took a year and untold millions to develop.

    Learn from the mistakes.

  18. I doubt E. Musk would have achieved as much as he has in any other place than the USA. Entrepreneurs exist elsewhere, but the freedom and safety to challenge markets and whole government groups, that is an American only product so far.

    And I also doubt he could have achieved even a fraction of it if he wasn’t an entrepreneur, telling others how things are done because he rules the ship.

  19. I mean, this guy at 47 years of age has :
    1) started an innovative payment system via internet
    2) revolutionized the entire space industry
    3) revolutionized the entire car industry with the biggest change in probably 100 years or so
    4) now he is trying to change the whole way we move using the Boring company
    .. and people even criticize him!

    Really cant get it.

    Luca Mazza

  20. Elon Musk cares about electric cars winning, not about Tesla winning. That’s his final statement in the interview. This is probably important for stock holders to keep in mind.

  21. Poking the eyes of the old guard is not doing him any favors. He will make a mistake eventually, and they will drag him down for it even if it is materially not that important. Which is a shame, because he has become an engineering idol. Yes idolatry is bad, but it’s nice to have some hope again for a science driven leader with charisma.

  22. It’d be much better for him to be sitting in his office all day, using $100 bills to light his cigars and chilling out on his yacht.
    This b****’s disrespectful questions infuriate me.

  23. He was never groomed to become a corporation CEO. He is a super engineer that had to become a CEO and owner of several companies in order to build his projects. There should be a Nobel price for that. Americans are too narrow minded, have too restrictive tags for everything and in their limited understanding this is not how a company CEO behaves.

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