Huawei Likely Edged Apple For Number Two in Global Smartphone Sales in 2018

Huawei shipped over 200 million smartphones in 2018. Their top sellers were the P20, Honor 10 and Mate 20 series. In 2017, Huawei shipped 153 million phones.

Samsung shipped about 300 million phones.

Apple shipped 10 million more phones in the first quarter of 2018, but it is believed Apple underperformed through the rest of 2018.

Apple’s sales were almost flat year over year at 46.9 million units, and its market share was 13.2%. Huawei had 14.6% share of the global smartphone market in 2018Q3. This was up from 10.4% in the prior-year period.

Huawei should have built about 10 million more phones than Apple in 2018.

Huawei P20 Pro is one of the best smartphones in terms of hardware and price. It has a triple-camera system, sizeable battery and fast performance. P20 Pro comes with a 40-megapixel main camera lens that is accompanied by a 20-megapixel sensor and an 8-megapixel telephoto system.

The P20 Pro launched with Android 8 Oreo but it has been upgraded to Android 9 Pie. The P20 Pro debuted back in March and it is expected its successor will be unveiled at around the same in 2019.

Huawei offers more cameras with higher resolution at a lower price than an Apple phone.

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  1. Question… how the hell can we know or verify how many phones they actually sold??? It’s a private company

  2. She’s a below-average exporter, less export-dependent than even Canada, and less than half as dependent as Germany.


  3. while sleep they pick up your location, all devices with firmware can be upgraded. No big difference at all.

  4. You do of course realize that it costs less money to roll out Starlink to the world than it costs to roll out 5G to the US or China?

  5. If export heavy nations that have gotten a free ride are going to be screwed, then China has nothing to worry about.

    She’s a below-average exporter, less export-dependent than even Canada, and less than half as dependent as Germany.

    And China’s international trade is balance: exports equal imports by dollar value.

  6. post post-Cold War order. Not post American exceptionalism. Trump got elected because American exceptionalism is alive and well in America, after all.

    In fact, America will be freer to be ‘exceptional’ when it sheds its international commitments that ties down our options. Imagine a world where America no longer in NATO or South Korea/Japan can act as it sees fit w/o having to worry about the repercussions on those soon-to-be former ‘allies’? We’ll be able to do whatever we want, pretty much. You think we are a bunch of out-of-control cowboys now?

  7. Only because other nations import their crap….which is changing.

    Japan is forbidding Chinese tech from entering the country now. Including phones. The US will under Trump and the Euroweenies will follow suit if only to use as an indirect trade barrier.

    The era of Global Open Trade secured by the US is over. Export heavy nations that have gotten a free ride in that system are going to be screwed.

  8. CFO got arrested for giving Iranians forbidden US tech. Pay attention.

    Oh, and nobody will ‘dominate’ 5G as you imply. China does not own all the patents and the days of consequence-free Grand Theft IP for China are over.

  9. Keep you worthless 5G with your absurd need to put new cell towers everywhere.

    I’ll take Starlink every day. Have fun when there is an internet you cannot control because you can’t access it.

  10. Saying a Huawei is a better phone because it has a better camera is for the most part completely missing what makes these phones great.

    For my money I prefer a phone with a secure and easily upgradable operating system. That way I can pick up bug fixes while I sleep.

    So yeah iOS for me.

  11. No exceptionalism this time, just imperial China – capital lives on excess, it always needs to extend beyond its margins. But who is to say that the world will be a worse place than the current decaying configuration as it was in its “golden era”

  12. Uh?
    They are already ahead of the US in 5G and had the no1 supercomputer until a few months ago. They will get ahead. no doubt .
    Their GDP will pass the US in real terms in 3-4 years. In PPP already passed

  13. Americans are very difficult to like. Brainwashed bullies. As can be seen in the comments here and elsewhere. Christmas greetings from Denmark 🙂

  14. are you serious dude? china steals anything not nailed down… what a crap country… everyone here knows the thief can never get ahead of the creator because they have to steal it first, which means the other has the first move advantage of always being the creator

  15. Not so fast.. China all any Chinese company will never dominate anything in tech category because of their mal-practiced business ethics. It’s pathetic.

  16. Intel – Pentium inside

    Huawei – MSS¹ inside …

    ¹ MSS : Ministry of State Security (PRC intelligence)

  17. Now we all understood why Huawei CFO got arrested
    If the US cant beat China on the tech level they are trying to bully them
    Will not work
    China and Huawei will dominate 5G

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