Hybrid Blimp Plane Has Reliable Speed, Greater Safety and Lower Operating Cost

A hybrid airship combines a blimp with plane for reliable speed and performance and greater safety. It can carry up to 8 passengers or 2000 lbs in its spacious cabin, which can easily be reconfigured to enable any number of tasks or payloads. It can travel with a full load at over 80 mph with a range of over 320 miles. With its vertical takeoff and landing it can lift off or touch down just about anywhere. It is filled with helium but the Model J is heavier than air. If turn off or lose the engines, then the Model J gently floats down to the ground. Operational costs are far less than a traditional helicopter.

If you lose the engines or if the blimp portion developed leaks then it would glide down at about the speed of a parachutist.

It uses half the fuel of a plane with comparable capacity.

This hybrid blimp plane was created by Egan Airships are pioneers of a new form of air travel. It can purchased for $1 million/year for four years plus overages.