Oil Analyst Makes Case for Electric Cars and Picks Copper as Way to Play Battery Future

Marin Katusa of Katusa Research is an oil and uranium analyst. He gave his take last year on oil and uranium prices. Oil will remain range bound and Uranium prices will recover but in 2 to 5 years from last year. This means in 2020 to 2023.

He talks about fracking and refracking. Refracking is going back into a well that was already fracked and using new technology and real-time drilling to adjust and get a lot more out of the well. This means that there is technology for a lot more oil and gas. There can be the occasional market and geopolitical situations where there is a price premium but the technology means there will be supply growth that will keep a lid on prices.

He indicates that Kazakstan and Russia are driving the uranium prices down. However, he believes in two to five year it will no longer make economic sense to overproduce depleting mines.

Green Energy – Hydro is Like Gold, Wind and Solar Are Like Silver and Copper

He indicates that green energy is real and walks through an analysis of solar. In the Question and Answer, he also explains that the same reason that he uses for solar justifies electric cars. The electric cars and solar will build and are building the infrastructure.

Four producers control 85% of the lithium market. If your company is going to make it in the lithium market then it has to move the market for the four big guys.

The ways to play the battery future on the commodity side is cobalt and copper. He is playing it with copper.

The last ten minutes are where electric cars and batteries are discussed.

He says China will guarantee the green energy and electric vehicle future.