Russia Is Behind Japan in Robots But Ahead in Robot Costumes

The most modern robot at a Russian Technology Conference was a person in a $3700 robot costume.

Robot Boris talked, danced and answered math equations.

One picture shows an exposed human neckline. Others showed the man actually playing the part of Boris with the helmet off.

I think Russia is 40 years behind Star Wars with Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels. However, the Russian robot costume is better than the Mechagodzilla costume and some of the other Japanese man in robot suit costumes.

I do like Japan’s Ultraman series.

Realism was not a high priority in Japan’s man in robot suit movies.

There was Megazord from Power Rangers.

Kenny Baker as R2D2 in the 1970s

Anthony Daniel as C3PO

Japan Had MechaGodzilla and Many Other Men in Robot Suits