Scientist Who Gene Edited the First Human Embryos Born as Babies is Missing

The chinese geneticist who has gene edited twin baby girls is reportedly missing. He Jianku caused a controversy for being the first case that we publicly know of for the genetic modification of the human germline.

The Shenzhen University where he worked has denied detaining him.

Reports claimed he was being kept under effective house arrest after he made an appearance at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

China has suspended all projects of gene-edited baby scientist He Jiankui, and says those involved will be punished.

He was originally expected to speak at another session of the summit on Thursday afternoon, but did not attend.

He said the seven couples who took park in the research had given their informed consent, but the consent forms posted on his website described the experiment as “Aids vaccine development project”.

The male participants are said to be all HIV carriers, and one of the couples is claimed to have given birth to the twins.

The website of He’s lab, which contained details of his research, could not be accessed on Thursday.

12 thoughts on “Scientist Who Gene Edited the First Human Embryos Born as Babies is Missing”

  1. China sells off 10s of thousands of peoples (living prisoners) body parts to the highest bidder every year, why would they care about gene editing??

  2. I wonder if the real problem was letting the cat out of the bag about the fact that there are villages in China where 1/3 of the population have HIV.
    That’s central African level plague numbers, not matching the official story at all.

  3. I’m no attorney, but I’m pretty sure he would have been arrested here too. It would not have been house arrest either if we did.

  4. This scientist was taken by China’s security forces. It is their way to sequester a prisoner till they decide what they want to do. Nothing unusual or sinister going on.

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