Spaceship Models With No Imagination Limits And Near Movie FX Model Quality

Every person who has dreamed about science fiction and making futuristic spaceship models has wanted to get towards personal custom versions of spaceships with 2001 and Star Wars FX model quality.

However, the pre-built models or pieces limited your imagination. The Lego and other kits did not let you make custom pieces. You were building the Death Star or an X-wing.

Combining model kit parts is known as kit-bashing. Lego has made it difficult. Decades ago there were the range of standard Lego pieces. Lego made it easier to make a real-looking Death Star model but they made it harder or vastly more expensive to customize.

Snapships makes it easier to use software to model and design what you want for a model spaceship. You start off with their designs and then you are freer to work out changes and customization. Snapships pieces are made to 20-micron precision. This is the level of Lego precision but without forcing you to buy the next $50-1000 kit for special pieces.

Snapships lets you build and rebuild. They do not let you make your own 3D printed parts yet, but in a Tested interview, they seemed open to the idea. They need to be able to allow that but still have the parts snap together.