SpaceX Starship Assembled Body Within Days As Teased by Elon Musk

Elon Musk indicated there would be cool pictures of the demo Starship in around 4 weeks of a December 8th tweet. The polished body of the nosecone will be stacked onto the cylinder main body section within days.

SpaceX has not shown the three Raptor engines that will power the Starhopper. The bottom section will have tailfins. There needs to be the fuel tank and the pipes for moving the fuel.

The Starhopper will be 9 meters wide (29.5 feet) and 40 meters tall (131 feet).

Above- NASASpaceflight user bocachicagal’s put together on-site photos taken by Thomas Lacroix. The Starhopper appears to be three-quarters the height of a full 2018 BFS. (SpaceX, NASASpaceflight, Thomas Lacroix)

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