SpaceX Starship Will Probably Reach Orbit in 2020

Choosing to use Stainless Steel materials and other design changes to SpaceX Starship should enable it to have its first orbital mission in 2020. Design changes have made the rocket dramatically better and shortened the time for development.

Part of the rocket will be cooled with liquid methane.

22 thoughts on “SpaceX Starship Will Probably Reach Orbit in 2020”

  1. Well, at least he keeps China from shamelessly cloning his plans – by fundamentally changing the design every other week.

  2. The heat shield – you mean the ignition place. All that oxygen will be flowing past it while it gets heated up along with the methane – what could go wrong? The rocket nozzles you speak of haven’t been re-used.

  3. Good thing that for the next 100 years, there’s almost no way that can matter.

    EDIT: Unless Woodward’s “negative” term is proven real.

  4. Earth’s climate is not being “destroyed,” except in the mind of pseudo-environmental wack-jobs that are DENIERS of massive climate research fraud.

  5. Almost all rocket nozzles are cooled by the fuel/propellants. This is just expanding that technique to the heatshield.

  6. It’s amazing how many,meat puppets,Botts are trying to discredit Elon. He is so far ahead the pseudo intellectuals can’t keep up. Go SpaceX!

  7. Elon is already moving the boring* parts of cities, the transport networks, roads, power systems etc. underground.

    *Did you see what I did there?

  8. Methane won’t combust, even if very hot, unless mixed with oxygen (or some other suitable oxidiser )

    So providing no oxidising contamination gets into the methane plumbing it should be OK.

  9. The rate of technological development is amazing. Last week Elon Musk was still developing the BFR, today he’s building a warp drive.

  10. Congratulations should wait until first successful launch and landing. Not saying he won’t succeed. Just saying we should wait.

  11. I’m sure its the same way and terms your employer found you.
    What exactly will destroy the Earth’s climate and does it have to do with Musk’s launch provider business and his dreams of going to Mars?

  12. I’m curious how Elon has succeeded in employing such talented employees in all his enterprises? How big can he reach? Why not build environmentally sound underground cities and begin terraforming Earth before its climate is destroyed? Maybe its easier to start from scratch on Mars.

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