SpaceX Will Launch Israeli Lunar Lander February, 2019

In about seven weeks, SpaceX will launch a Beresheet which is SpaceIL’s small ~600 kg (1300 lb) lunar lander.

SpaceIL competed the Google Lunar XPrize. This launch is about a year too late for the Google prize.

SpaceX will launch an Indonesia’s PSN-6 communications satellite and the lunar lander will be a secondary payload.

8 thoughts on “SpaceX Will Launch Israeli Lunar Lander February, 2019”

  1. I’ve heard you can stop the Israeli moon base from broadcasting to your inhaled smart dust by using a head covering composed of layers of very thin sheeting of rolled conductive metals, made into a protective “hat”.

  2. To keep it warm (or to keep it from getting to cold). Delicate instruments and electronics have to be within a certain optimum temperature range to operate properly. Temperatures on the moon vary from 260 to -280 defrees Fahrenheit. The “foil” is called MLI (Multi-Layer Insulation).

  3. I wish them luck.

    If all goes well, this one will be the first private lander on the Moon, hopefully spearheading a permanent return.

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