Supersonic blown air will enable super stealthy drones and planes

MAGMA is a small drone which will use a unique blown-air system to move the aircraft and it will enable stealthier aircraft designs.

The supersonic blown air means moving wing flaps and other mechanical control surfaces are not needed.

The benefits are:
* greater control in flight
* reduce weight and maintenance costs
* allow for lighter, stealthier, faster and more efficient military and civil aircraft in the future.

The two technologies to be trialed first using the jet-powered UAV, MAGMA, are:

* Wing Circulation Control, which takes air from the aircraft engine and blows it supersonically through the trailing edge of the wing to provide control for the aircraft
* Fluidic Thrust Vectoring, which uses blown air to deflect the exhaust, allowing for the direction of the aircraft to be changed.

In 1975, tests showed 50 times less radar cross-section for planes without control surfaces (0.1 square feet instead of 5.0 square feet).