US Soldiers Joined to Military’s Connected Cybernetwork Global Attack Machine

The US Army will use AI enabled holographic goggles to make soldiers part of the sensor network for remote weapons.

In the 1980s and 1990s, there was the use of lasers to spot and help missiles hit their desired targets. This was classically shown in Clear and Present Danger with the bombing of the cartel. The new system will be bringing soldiers tightly into the integrated network of sensors and cameras that are used by F35s to communicate with remote missiles batteries and drones.

Clear and Present Danger Scene

Soldier – Target is set
Variable- That’s your new target
F18 pilot- Variable this is Easy Rhino do you copy
Variable- Loud and clear Easy Rhino
F18 pilot- Do we have a Pig… over
Variable- That’s a Rog
Soldier – Target is lit
Variable- Start the Music
F18 pilot- Into attack
F18 pilot- Pickle(?) is hot
F18 pilot- Target is acquired and lit. Coming down
Variable – Probability Zero. Impact High Order Detonation. Have a nice day

The action of maintaining laser target identification is slower and can expose the soldier and requires maintaining target identification for minutes. The gear to put the target laser is quite large and heavy. There is separate radio communication required. Now a days the communication could use the Madonna speaker that has a wearable microphone.

The modern-day soldiers will be linked to each other, tanks, planes, missiles etc…

The military is heading toward a Star-trek borg-like integrated and connected killing collective.

Now the situation would be

Soldier walking hololens and cameras on helmet.

AI and image recognition in the helmet identifies the target. This could be automatically uplinked and shared. The soldier can add confirmation that an enemy target has been acquired. The AI shared information if it is somehow unambiguous enough could get sufficient authorization for the target to be targeted. This is especially the case if there were other sensors and satellite confirmation. Otherwise the soldier verification and validation is needed based on the rules of engagement that are active at the time.

Then with hyper-accurate GPS and other systems, the targets get neutralized. In non-military terms, the enemy targets blown..gets blown up real good.

The foot soldier system is a version of a het fighter pilot’s Heads-Up Display. It combines advanced night vision with augmented reality technology to superimpose a targeting cross-hairs. It is wirelessly linked to the soldier’s weapon to show exactly where it’ll shoot — and tactical data over the wearer’s field of vision. Other aspects will monitor the medical condition of the soldier and record such things as blast overpressure from roadside bomb blasts to assist medical treatment.

It would be somewhat like the Terminator vision and targeting system but with more networking, sharing and remote attacks.

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