Ariane Cutting Launch Prices for Ariane 5 by 40%

Ariane is cutting the prices for a launch with the Ariane 5 rocket by 40%.

Ariane can launch two large satellites in the same mission by stacking them.

Arianespace is competing for two major launch contracts in the Asia-Pacific region that should be awarded this year. There could be tenders for another three launches.

Arianespace completed 11 launches with its Ariane 5, Vega and Soyuz rockets in 2018.

They forecast up to 12 launches in 2019 and could have four launches in the first quarter.

Advantages for the Ariane 5 are they are launched near the equator at the Guiana Space Center (CSG). The superior launch location enables more payload to reach GTO. GTO (geosynchronous transfer orbit or geostationary transfer orbit) is a highly elliptical Earth orbit with an apogee of 42,164 km (26,199 mi), or 35,786 km (22,236 mi) above sea level, which corresponds to the geostationary altitude.