Boeing Could Build New 797 Jets and Lower Ticket Prices by 40% by mid-2020s

Boeing will soon decide whether to spend $15 billion to develop a new 797 mid-range passenger jet.

The proposed 797 would have an oval-shaped body that saves weight and fuel. 797 trip costs would be about 40 percent lower than today’s wide-body aircraft. It would have more space to passengers and less to freight in the plane’s belly. A smaller version would seat 220 travelers, while a larger model would seat up to 270 people. The 797 plane family overlap Boeing’s largest single-aisle, the 737 Max 10, and smallest wide-body, the 787-8, is just one question mark.

Boeing believes the development and manufacturing of the new plane will be more efficient with new computer simulation and tools.

Airbus could make a relatively simple upgrade of the A321LR jet into A321XLR. This would be ready by 2023, two years ahead of the Boeing NMA [New Mid-range Airplane aka 797]. Airbus would redesign fuel tanks and give the A321XLR the longest range of any Airbus single-aisle jet.

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