Delivery of 45 Age Reversing Gene Therapies at Once is Under Peer Review

George Church revealed progress on aging reversal using gene therapies. They have delivered 45 gene therapies to provide aging reversal. They find the combined treatment is effective against obesity, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiac damage and kidney disease.

At 32:00-33:30 minutes George Church specifically describes delivering 45 age reversing gene therapies to treat multiple age related diseases.

This is the work that Nextbigfuture has been expecting from George’s company Rejuvenate Bio.

Rejuvenate Bio has been using the aging reversal therapies on dogs for almost all of 2018.

George Church expects to get the treatment to people around 2025.

George gave eight examples of aging reversal that have been published and reported by various researchers. Some researchers have used small molecules and others used other methods.

He wanted to show that these are real treatments that dramatically reverse aging damage.

Effective treatment and reversal of obesity, diabetes, cardiac, arthritis and kidney damage could boost the lifespan of many people and make 90-95 life expectancy possible. Fixing all aging damage would put us toward a path of extreme longevity.