Elon Musk Tweets the First Starhopper Launch Will Be in February

Elon Musk tweeted that they are aiming for 4 weeks til the first launch of the Starhopper. This would put the first test launch in February. Previously SpaceX was talking about March or April, which already 6 months ahead of estimates from early 2018.

SpaceX has joined the first top nose cone with the middle section. They are also applying the shiny covering to the bottom section.

It looks like we are only a few days from an assembled and completely shiny Starhopper.

There could still be internal work and other preparations.

The rocket is coming together nicely but the new launch pad still has a lot of work. However, they could flatten out a section and get a cement pad down pretty quickly.

4 thoughts on “Elon Musk Tweets the First Starhopper Launch Will Be in February”

  1. In the tradition of Musk launching gag gifts and novelty toys, I’m sure he can sell certain adult themed novelty gag gifts at a premium…

  2. It actually looks a little steampunk, with all the imperfections stainless is bound to exaggerate. And a bit of Googie style influence.

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