Ford Will Make All Electric F-150 With More Towing Power to Fight Off Tesla and Rivian

Ford will make electric and hybrid F-150 trucks that will come with more towing and off-road power than traditional gasoline and diesel trucks can offer today.

Ford revealed a hybrid 2020 Explorer SUV during the Detroit auto show this week. Ford will be making a high-performance electric crossover vehicle that has Mustang design elements.

A hybrid powertrain will give the F-150 pickup a lot of low-end torque, which is helpful for climbing hills and towing loads. Ford plans to put power outlets on the truck, effectively turning it into a generator for customers using it for work, such as contractors and construction workers.

“With the F-150 electric, you don’t have to have an expensive generator on site now,” he said. “You can just plug your tools into your truck and that electric powertrain will run all the tools on the job site. Customers will pay for that because now they don’t have to buy a expensive $10,000 generator.”

Ford has added a specially designed liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery into the Explorer chassis below the second row of seats to save space.

The new Explorer also comes with an improved terrain management system taken from the F-150 and a range of 500 miles per tank of gas.

Ford will refresh 75% of their North American Vehicle lineup.

Other Electric Pickup Trucks and SUVs Coming in 2020 With No Compromises

In 2018, Rivian, an electric vehicle manufacturer, revealed the first of its two Electric Adventure Vehicles™ the R1T™, an all-electric, 5-passenger pickup.

The Rivian truck features a range of up to 400+ miles, a wading depth of 1 meter, and the performance and precise control of quad-motor AWD and has been developed to help customers get out and explore the world. The R1T and R1S will be produced at Rivian’s manufacturing plant in Normal Il, from late 2020.

The foundation of the R1T and R1S is Rivian’s skateboard platform, which efficiently packages the battery pack, drive units, suspension, braking and thermal system all below the height of the wheel, leaving the space above for occupants and their gear.

Tesla Will Make a Bladerunner Like Electric Pickup Truck

Elon Musk has promised an electric pickup truck from Tesla in about 2020.

Musk has said the Tesla pickup truck will seat six people, have four-wheel steering and will be able to tow up to 300,000 pounds.

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