SpaceX Super Heavy Starship, StarHopper and Falcon 9 Compared

Kimi Talvitie has produced a new rendering with the SpaceX Starhopper, Falcon 9, the Super Heavy first stage, the Starship Upper Stage and the combined Super Heavy Starship.

It can be seen that the Starhopper is a little over half as tall as the Falcon 9 and the Super Heavy Starship will be about three times taller than the Starhopper.

The Starhopper will be testing new three new Raptor engines starting in February and through most of 2019. The Raptor engines are the same size but are about twice as powerful as the existing Merlin engines.

An orbital flight capable Starship upper stage will be tested in 2020.

The combined Super Heavy Starship will be flying in 2021 or 2022.